MA in English Language Teaching

General information

The Master of Arts Program in English Language Teaching (ELT) is a two-year weekend graduate programme especially designed for both international and Thai teachers of English who seek to advance their analytical, theoretical, and professional abilities. 
The two-year curriculum, taught in English by international and Thai instructors, combines a strong theoretical foundation with highly practical courses to equip graduates with the essential knowledge and skills to be effective and proficient practitioners in the classroom. 
There are two options available: plan A and plan B.  While plan A mainly consists of course work and a thesis, plan B consists of course work, a written comprehensive examination, and an independent study instead of a thesis.  
Some compulsory courses include:

  • ELT Methodology
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Language Testing and Assessment
  • Linguistics for English Language Teachers
  • Qualitative Research Metholodogy in ELT
  • Quantitative REsearch Methodology in ELT 

Some elective courses compose of the two major strands related to theories and practices in English Language Teaching   and linguistics and applied linguistics for EFL teachers. Some of them include: 

  • English Discourse Analysis
  • Syntax for English Teachers
  • Second Language Phonology in ELT
  • Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Sociolinguistics for English Language Teachers
  • Psycholinguistics for English Language Teachers
  • Corpus Linguistics and English Language Analysis

With our lecturers’ expertise and experience gained throughout the years of teaching combined with  our friendly and helpful staff and efficient TU library system, we truly believe we have what you are looking for. 
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Remark: The MA-ELT program is equivalent to the OTEPC's 'assistant teacher'. The approval form can be found here.


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