MA in Career English for International Communication

General information

The Master of Arts in Career English for International Communication (CEIC) is a two-year weekend graduate programme especially designed for those who are interested in advancing their careers in a global context. 
The CEIC offers a wide variety of courses delivered by excellent faculty and experts to help you improve both professional and language skills. We offer courses in two strands: Language Knowledge Development and Professional Development. Examples of courses offered are: 
•    World Englishes for International Communication; 
•    Principles of Effective English Public Speaking; 
•    Written Business Communication; 
•    English for Tourism Industry; 
•    English for Hotel Industry; and 
•    Translation Principles for Careers 
Besides the coursework, you will also have an opportunity to practice conducting research on  topics of interest. Depending on your professional goals, the research topics can vary widely, and you may choose to pursue plan A (Thesis) or plan B (Independent Study).  
Here at the Language Institiute of Thammasat University, you have access to a unique learning community, excellent facilities and resources, as well as our experienced faculty members, providing you with essential skills for career success, and beyond.

To see the complete list of CEIC courses, click here.

Remark: The MA-CEIC program is equivalent to the OTEPC's 'assistant teacher'. The approval form can be found here.


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