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Who we are

First and foremost, let me introduce ourselves so that everyone gets to know us. The Language Institute is one of the units within Thammasat University. While our status is officially that of an “Institute” (which is equivalent to a faculty), our main focus is on teaching English to undergraduate students. This includes a wide range of courses, from those with the code “TUxxx” to “ELxxx” courses, offering you plenty of options to choose from.

We don’t handle undergraduate students, but we’re the go-to place for those pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees in English Language Teaching (ELT). Simply put, if you dream of becoming an English teacher, this is the place to be. We also have a program called Career English for International Communication (CEIC), where you can learn to use English like a pro in your workplace.

Guess what? We’re not just about teaching; we’re also a testing center for English proficiency. We administer the TU-GET exam, a standardized international exam designed to measure academic English language proficiency. Right now, there are two types of exams to choose from: TU-GET (PBT), which is paper-based, and the latest one we proudly introduce, TU-GET (CBT), which is a computer-based test. It assesses all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The TU-GET (CBT) is comparable to the TOEFL (iBT) in terms of both scoring and the testing experience. For those interested in testing their English language proficiency for educational purposes, we highly recommend giving it a try.

But there’s more! We also offer the TU-STEPS, which is like the TOEIC, and the TU-SET, designed especially for high school students to assess their English language skills. We’ve aligned these tests with international language standards, making them really useful.

We’re not just another institute; we’re deeply involved in the world of English language education and research. We collaborate with various organizations, both in Thailand and internationally, to host conferences and seminars. So, if you decide to study with us, you’ll not only get an excellent education but also learn from experts in the field.

By the way, despite our official name being the “Language Institute,” we specialize in teaching the English language, to be precise.

Our Missions

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” Language Institute Thammasat University (LITU) is now ready to embark on a new chapter as the leader in English language instruction and research in Thailand. Beyond offering MA./Ph.D. Programs in ELT and MA. Program in Career English for International Communication (CEIC), our TU-GET Computer-based & Paper-based Tests are widely acknowledged as Thailand’s most reputable standardized English proficiency test. The prestigious LEARN Journal: Language Education and Acquisition Research Network, additionally, has earned recognition from scholars worldwide. Not only do we prioritize fostering academic partnerships with esteemed international institutions, but we also aspire to embrace inclusivity and diversity in education.”

– Associate Professor Dr. Supakorn Phoocharoensil
LITU Director

Core values

Core competencies

English language teaching for lifelong learners.

English language proficiency testing.

Research and innovation in English Language Education.

At LITU, everyone is welcome.

At the Language Institute, Thammasat University, we embrace diversity and prioritize mutual respect, guided by three principles: Equity, promoting fairness; Diversity, embracing differences; and Sustainability, learning and growing continuously. No matter where you come from, you can become your true self here, developing knowledge and abilities to reach your set goals.

“At LITU, we welcome diversity. We welcome people from diverse social, cultural, and religious backgrounds to our team, academic programs, and family. We do understand the importance of accepting different points of view and living with one another with mutual respect.”

“At LITU, we don’t care who you are, but we care about you. Whatever you do reflects who you are, so we are so pleased to welcome any of you to LITU.”

“Open-minded, open-hearted, opened arms. At LITU, you’ll find a family of classmates, teachers and staff who are proud of our diversity and celebrate who you are and what you can become. Through diversity we achieve the confidence, power and joy of unity.”

“One of the most wonderful things about LITU postgraduate programs is that our students have several things in common, and, at the same time, everyone is unique. At LITU, we cherish how our students from different backgrounds contribute to our academic community. Diversity is what makes LITU vibrant.”

“Here at LITU, students from diverse paths are not just learning what we have to offer, but are learning to embrace the differences and to value a variety of perspectives that students and instructors bring to the classroom.”

“Diversity brings dynamism and ignites the thought process in LITU graduates. Every one of our students contributes to this in an individual and remarkable way. This results in a much richer and more comprehensive learning experience.”

Strategic objectives