Summer Camps

Undergraduate Summer Camps

Principles and purpos

The Language Institute, Thammasat University (LITU) is a public sector organisation offering English language courses to various university faculties, both at Bachelor’s and Master’s degree level, as well as English language training for external bodies in both the public and private sectors. In addition to offering English language courses within Thailand, LITU organizes English language summer camps in the UK and in Canada.


  1. To encourage student””s interest in foreign languages.
  2. To expand opportunities for students to practice and develop their listening and speaking skills with people of other nationalities and also to develop a better understanding of the culture of native speakers of English through first-hand experience.
  3. To provide academic services to the public in line with university policy.
  4. To promote and enhance the reputation of the university.

Target audience

Upper Mathayom high school students and students from all universities Thammasat University students are able to exchange credits as follows :

  • 2 EL courses = maximum of 6 credits (3 credits per course)
  • 1 summer camp = 6 credits

Therefore, in most cases, Thammasat students are able to exchange the credits of two EL courses in order to attend a summer camp. Most Thammasat students who attend a summer camp will not have to do two EL courses.

This is a general rule and may not apply to all students; therefore, students are advised to check with LITU as regards their situation.

Period of training

6 weeks

Care and supervision of students

As the summer camp programme is a project under the jurisdiction of the university, LITU is required to appoint LITU instructors to supervise and mentor students.


Students will undergo intensive English training by native speakers with direct experience of teaching foreign learners.  Modern teaching methods will be used, with regular feedback on student progress.  Students will stay at the homes of carefully selected host families, practising their English both inside and outside the classroom and gaining an intimate insight into the culture and way of life of native speakers.  There will be excursions to famous tourist sites, including historic places and picturesque towns and cities.


  • UK (Canterbury)                 229,000  baht
  • UK (York)                             249,000 baht
  • Canada (Vancouver)          249,000 baht

Cost includes

  1. Return flight and airport taxes
  2. Tuition
  3. Visa application fee (Canada only)
  4. Accommodation and meals
  5. Travel insurance (health and accident insurance)
  6. Excursions (Canterbury, YORK)

Required documentation

  1. Photocopy of ID card (for students 15 years old and over)
  2. House registration document
  3. Original authorization letter from university
  4. Printed transcripts of scores (from the internet)
  5. 3 photographs (dimensions as required for visa)
  6. Passport with at least 6 months validity
  7. Bank statement of parent/guardian (certified and stamped by bank only)
  8. Original letter of confirmation of employment of parent/guardian
  9. Business registration document (if parent/guardian has own business)
  10. Letter from parent/guardian authorizing student enrolment at summer camp