General Information


The Language Institute of Thammasat University (LITU) was officially established as a university faculty in 1985 to serve the ever-growing need for English language training for students in all faculties at Thammasat University. LITU conducts courses at all three of Thammasat University’s academic campuses (Tha Prachan, Rangsit and Lampang in northern Thailand), as well as providing diverse language services to the general public and private, academic and governmental organizations in Bangkok and throughout the nation. For over two decades, LITU has been committed to developing the quality of its teaching consistent with international standards of excellence while dedicated to Thammasat University’s mission of serving the nation.

Academic and Graduate Degree Programs

Adhering to the principles of learner-centered teaching, developing student autonomy, and encouraging independent, creative and critical thinking among the students, LITU is responsible for English-language instruction for students first entering the university (Foundation courses), throughout their four years of academic studies (ESP-English for Specific Purposes), and for graduate students who must achieve minimum standards of English language proficiency. In addition, the Language Institute offers international graduate degree programs in English Language Teaching (MA-ELT, previously known as MA Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and Career English for International Communication (MA-CEIC, previously known as MA English for Careers), and a graduate diploma program in English for Careers. Also, to serve the needs of English teachers in the ASEAN community and international settings, LITU is now offering an international Ph.D. program in English Language Teaching (PhD-ELT). Students in these graduate programs also have research opportunities in presenting their studies at the LITU International Graduate Conferences (LITU Conference) and in publishing their research papers in the LITU Graduate Conference Proceedings (ISSN 2286-881X).

Community Outreach Services and Training

To share its teaching and research experience with academic communities nationwide, LITU provides complementary outreach programs for public school teachers who have no formal training in English language teaching or whose language skills need improvement. As well, LITU offers tuition-free English courses for Buddhist monks, intensive teacher training programs for English teachers from the south of Thailand, an English Camp for provincial secondary school students, and teacher training in Self-Access Learning and the use of instructional media in language teaching.

Testing Services

LITU is responsible for developing and administering the Thammasat University General English Test (TU-GET), required of all applicants seeking admission to or graduating from Thammasat University graduate programs. It is a nationwide test administered every month. LITU also provides language testing services for public sectors (Thammasat University Standardized Test for English Professional Skills: TU-STEPS) and for schools (Thammasat University School English Test: TU-SET), as well as for other faculties at the university (e.g. for direct faculty entry exams), government, commercial and private agencies, upon request.

Publications and Research

LITU faculty have authored a number of popular English textbooks and receive substantial support to pursue research interests. Faculty research articles have appeared in international and domestic professional journals. LITU also publishes its annual Journal of Language Education and Acquisition Research Network (LEARN Journal), an indexed, peer-reviewed academic forum for English teachers and researchers to share their teaching experience and research findings in linguistics, applied linguistics, ELT, communication studies and interdisciplinary area studies. Additionally, to disseminate research among professional scholars, LITU organizes bi-annual international conferences in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching (FLLT Conference) and publishes the FLLT Conference Proceedings (ISSN 2286-8836).