Assistant Professor Pragasit Sitthitikul, Ph.D.

ผู้ช่วยศาสตราจารย์ ดร.ประกาศิต สิทธิ์ธิติกุล



  • B.A. in English, Thammasat University (with honors)
  • M.A. in Teaching English, Kasetsart University (thesis with distinction)
  • Ph.D. in Secondary and Continuing Education (with an emphasis on language and literacy education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  • Certificate in Ticketing and reservation, Lufthansa German Airlines, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Certificate in In-flight Service, Thai Airways International
  • Certificate in Ticketing and Tourist Guide from Tourism Authority of Thailand

Areas of Interest

  • L2 Strategic Reading Processes
  • Second Language Literacy/Acquisition
  • Language & Intercultural Studies
  • Curriculum Development and Instruction
  • Qualitative Research Methods in Literacy


Language Institute, Thammasat University



Academic Work/Publications

Academic Activities:

  • President of Thailand TESOL 2015- 2017
  • Regional Representative, ASIA TEFL (2015 to present)
  • Guest Editor, AWEJ Journal (special issue, July 2016)
  • Invited Judge for the National Speech Contest (Grand Final Round) in Beijing, China, 2016

Selected Publications:

  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2016). Case Studies on L2 Literacy Learning of Thai EFL Learners: What a Great Challenge! English Language Teaching, Pan-Korea English Teachers Association Online Journal, p. 165-187.
  • Rajani Na Ayuthaya, J. & Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2016). World Englishes-Based Lessons: Their Effects on Anxiety and Language Achievement of Thai Tertiary Students. AWEJ Journal.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit & Tangkiengsirisin, S (2016). Technology-enhanced multimedia instructioning English classrooms: A case study in Thailand. ThaiTESOL Journal.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2014). Theoretical Review of Phonics Instruction for Struggling/Beginning Readers of English. PASAA Journal, pp. 113-126.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit, 2014. Reflections on Adolescent English Literacy in Thailand, Thammasat Review, special issue.
  • Sothea Seng, & Sitthitikul, Pragasit. Investigating the English Grammar Learning Strategies and their Effects: A Case Study of EFL College Students. Thailand TESOL Conference Proceedings 2013.
  • Santos, J., & Sitthitikul, Pragasit. Peer Assessment for English Learners: Applications and Cooperative Learning Group. Proceedings: 1st ASEAN Plus Three Graduate Research Congress (July, 2012), p.162 – 172
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2010). Understanding L2 Acquisition in English language learners: The interplay of age-related, cognitive, and sociocultural factors and their implications for instructional practices. Journal of English Studies, 4 (June), pp. 185-193.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2010). Article Commentary of Wang, C., & Gaffney, J. S. (1998). First graders’ use of analogy in word reading. Journal of Literacy Research, 30(3), 389-403. Studies in Languages and Language Teaching, 14( 2), pp. 42-47.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2010). Article Review of Alvermann, D. E. et al. (1996). Middle and high school students’ perceptions of how they experience text-based discussions: A multicase study. Reading Research Quarterly, 31(3), 244-267. Thai TESOL Bulletin, 21(1), pp. 65-83.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2010). Using Content-Based Instruction in an EFL/ESL Reading Class Thailand TESOL: New Focus, 2, pp. 68-71.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2007). A comparative analysis of awareness in reading L1 and L2 texts: EFL Thai students’ strategies use, processing speed and linguistic knowledge. The Journal of ASIA TEFL, 4(3), pp. 129-160.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2006). Language and Power: Research and Reflective Perspectives as an ESL Student in the US. ThaiTESOL Bulletin, 19(2), 110-121, 22 pages.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2006). Book Review: Critical applied linguistics: A critical introduction. Journal of Language and Literacy Education, 2 (2), 28-30, 3 pages.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2007). Book Review: The social worlds of children learning to write in an urban primary school. International Journal of Progressive Education, 3(1), 8 pages.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2006). Article Review: The reading strategies of bilingual Latina/o students who are successful English readers: opportunities and obstacles. CULI e-Journal for Researching Teachers, Chulalongkorn University Language Institute, 3(1), 8 pages.
  • Sitthitikul, Pragasit (2001). Exploring metacognitive reading strategies and their effects on academic learning: Case studies of ESL students in higher education in the US. HRD JOURNAL, Volume 2 (2), 81-97.

Pragasit Sitthitikul

Assistant Professor Pragasit Sitthitikul, Ph.D.

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