Assistant Professor Vanlee Siriganjanavong

ผู้ช่วยศาสตราจารย์ วัลลีย์ ศิริกาญจนาวงศ์



  • B.A. in English, Thammasat University
  • M.A. (Honors) in Language and Communication, National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
  • Certificate in Teacher Update Courses, St. Mary’s College, University of Surrey, UK

Areas of Interest

  • Vocabulary Learning Strategies
  • Reading Strategies
  • Corpus Linguistics


Language Institute Building, Rangsit Campus



Academic Work/Publications

  • Siriganjanavong, V. (2013). The Mnemonic Keyword Method: Effects on Vocabulary Acquisition and Retention. English Language Teaching Journal, 6(10). 1-10.
  • Siriganjanavong, V. (2012). Vocabulary Learning Through the Use of Mnemonic Keyword Method. Thammasat University Journal, 3(13). 1-6. (written in Thai)
  • Siriganjanavong, V.(Co-authors) (2009). University English I. Thammasat University Press: Thailand.

Assistant Professor Vanlee Siriganjanavong

Assistant Professor Vanlee Siriganjanavong

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